We All Scream…

Did you know that Tip Top make Birthday Cake ice-cream?  It’s perfect – in all its sprinkly, pastel deliciousness – but more on that later!

When I suggested an Ice-Cream Party, Phoebe was immediately as excited as me – if you ask her, she’ll tell you she wants to be an ice-cream maker when she grows up! Here’s how we put together her sweet, summery, celebration.

🍦 Invitations:

The design for the invitations was easy – ice-creams of course!  I made these using Kraft card and scrapbook paper I downloaded from CastleDoors on Etsy.



Pastel pink and yellow are such ice-cream colours!  And I added a touch of baby blue because I knew I wanted to ice the cake in pink and blue.

Onto a yellow spotted backdrop I hung the ice-cream garland I made in the same design as the invitations.  Then I made “ice-creams” using pink, yellow and white honeycomb balls atop party-hat cones. The stripes and spots of these were perfectly reflected in the plates and napkins.

The living room, where the games would take place, was adorned with pink and yellow spotted streamers – I even used washi tape with sprinkles on it!


🍦 The Table:

Over a white table-cloth I used a pink and white spotted table runner.  The plates were pink striped with contrasting yellow polka-dot napkins.

Do you see the bottles?  Those appear at most of my parties but they always look different!  This time I downloaded a set of ice-cream scrapbook papers from etamcute on Etsy.  With the pink spotted straws they looked perfect!


🍦The Food:

I wanted to carry the ice-cream theme and those pastel colours right through the party food.  So I made ice-cream gingerbread cookies, mini cupcakes with a scoop of ice-cream and a cherry on top (note those sprinkles cupcake cases!) and I found these brilliant marshmallows in exactly the right colours!

We also had chips, popcorn, cheese and crackers, and some blueberries for balance.


It was so much fun coming up with ice-cream themed games!  For the prizes I found these Ice-cream Poppers from Seedling.

We played a version of musical chairs using scoops of ice-cream I’d cut from more of that lovely sprinkles scrapbook paper.

The pass-the-parcel was all wrapped up in ice-cream colours and the prize was a cute ice-cream pen from Seedling.

I drew a big ice-cream on a piece of A2 card and made red circles for each child to pin the cherry on the ice-cream.


And we had an ice-cream and scoop relay, like an egg and spoon race.  I bought some ice-cream scoops from the supermarket and made cotton wool ice-creams decorated with sprinkles.  The children really got into it, racing as fast as they could while balancing those ice-creams, and cheering their team-mates on.  They all won a little ice-cream eraser at the end.


We finished the day by creating the best ice-creams ever, with a choice of that brilliant Tip Top Birthday Cake ice-cream (complete with pieces of birthday cake…and did I mention the sprinkles…?) or vanilla, expertly scooped by Mr Daisyrocket into waffle cones. The children added a variety of toppings and admired their creations before devouring them!

🍦Party Bags

Instead of giving party bags to our lovely guests, I made cones for their thank you gifts. Inside was a multicoloured pen, pencil and matching sharpener, an ice-cream eraser, and some of those lovely pastel marshmallows.

They also took home their slice of birthday cake – tummies were full after those magnificent ice-creams!


Food-themed parties hold so much potential!  Just think of the fun you could have with a cupcake party, or what about a tutti-fruity or donut theme?  But why stick to sweet foods?  What about a hot-dogs or fish and chips, or a pop-corn themed movie party?

The possibilities are endless!  Why not get in touch and let’s put together something delicious for your next party!







In the Swim

Our Big Boy was born in the winter.  He is also loud, boisterous and very bouncy.  This poses a problem every year:  How do we create a fun, engaging and, above all, active party for him and his energetic friends when it might well be rainy, cold and miserable outside?  The answer (usually) is: we go somewhere.  And for his 7th birthday, it was the pool.

Now, you’d normally associate a pool party with sunshine, tropical fruit and long, cold drinks.  But we went for a slightly different vibe: A Winter Pool Party.

I had some great custom invitations made by Creative Stationery on Etsy:

Pool Party

Some party venues can be truly uninspiring and I’d say a swimming pool tops the list. Everything’s damp, the space is vast, and you can’t really decorate because the ceiling is so high.  You also need to consider the tidy-up. We’d need to make a rapid exit before the next party arrived so no confetti or complicated decorations. Nevertheless, I found some fun ways to bring in the party atmosphere.

I knew that, as soon as the guests arrived, they’d want to dive straight in to that icy blue water.  Hours of splashy, noisy fun would ensue (especially since a bunch of Dads couldn’t resist and dived in, too) and then they’d all emerge, dripping, shivering and HUNGRY!


So there was plenty of food. Sandwiches and veges, crisps and popcorn to fill up empty tummies were a must, but I decided to have some fun with the party treats:

🦈 Sharks! Perfect for our watery party.  I made shark cupcakes.  A whole platter of these looked a bit intimidating – all those grey fins advancing through the waves!


🦈 More sharks! Blue ‘seawater’ jellies with shark lollies submerged in them. A little messy to eat standing up, I admit, (swimming pools are NOT well equipped with chairs) but oh so worth it! The children thought they were brilliant!

And the cake of course!

A blue tablecloth, plates and napkins continued the watery colour scheme, with blue paper cups, too, since glass is a no-no at swimming pools.  If we use this venue again I’ll use some weighted helium balloons to decorate the table and maybe some ‘seaweed’ streamers.

🦈 And more sharks! I continued the shark theme with the party bags which contained a variety of fishy lollies and also (sticking to my rule of including only items that are useful or fun) a pair of goggles, a pen, a pencil and an awesome shark lollipop.

DSC_0655         DSC_0653

Dean Greenwood Swim School hires its Auckland venues out for swimming parties year round.  These are mainly indoor school swimming pools like the one we went to at New Windsor School.  A life-guard is included in the price and it really is a good option for a party at any time of the year.

Creating a beautiful party at a venue like this can be a challenge but I have a few ideas to make your next swimming party truly fabulous.  All you need is a theme:

We went for Sharks, but I’d love to create a Mermaid Party, a Penguin Party (perfect for a winter swimming event) or what about a Scuba Diving party (plenty of scope for fun games)!

The rest –  you can leave up to me!






Every party begins with an idea.  This one came from Phoebe: Mummy, I want a cake with a standing up rainbow, please, she said.  This girl was born to challenge me!

So that’s where it all began, Phoebe’s Rainbow Party – for her 5th birthday.  So much fun!

I decided the cake had to have an element of surprise.  Usually I don’t ask the children what they want for their cakes, or give them any clues about what I’m planning.  Seeing the cake on their birthday morning is the first special moment of their day.  So yes, her cake had a standing up rainbow on top. It also had a rainbow inside.  I loved making this cake – it was really different from anything I had done before.

And from that everything flowed:

🌈 Decorations:

We had to have a rainbow, of course, so I bought streamers in the colours of the rainbow and made two big white clouds from card, which I attached to the curtain rail.  It looked really pretty with the sun shining through.

I’m not a big fan of balloons so I bought some rainbow-coloured paper lanterns and strung these up at random heights.  And then I found these fab cloud hooks and strung a rainbow-coloured pom pom garland over them.  It was all simple, but bright, colourful and pretty.

🌈 The Table:

I didn’t want everything to be overwhelmingly rainbow-striped so I chose the plates and napkins carefully.  The plain white table-cloth really brought out the colours of the gorgeous rainbow-coloured plates, which I partnered with spotty napkins to break up all those stripes!  I found some brilliant rainbow stickers which you can see round the glass bottles, and then finished those bottles off with stripy straws in all the colours of the rainbow.  Thanks to Build-a-Birthday and Miss Mouse Boutique for their brilliant Rainbow Partyware.

🌈 The Food:

I’m sure you noticed those Rainbow Jellies.  Six different colours and flavours of jelly.  So simple.  Such a hit!

I also made Rainbow-coloured fruit kebabs, mini-cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles and cloud meringues.

Then there was some savoury stuff, too – cloud sandwiches and popcorn, cherry tomatoes and breadsticks.

🌈 Games, Prizes and Party Bags

I love doing crafty activities at parties, so I bought a few bags of coloured beads so the children could make their own Rainbow bracelets to take home.

Naturally, we did pass-the-parcel, and the prize was a Rainbow Fairy book.  I Rainbow-themed the music, too, and between the layers were rainbow stickers that I found.

We played a version of Musical Chairs, using coloured paper squares instead of chairs.  I called out a different colour of the rainbow each time the music stopped.  Prizes for this were Rainbow Tubes of M and Ms (I may have scoffed a few brown M and Ms in the making of these)!

I always try to fill Party Bags with things that are fun or useful.  I love sourcing items to fit the theme, that the children will love.

So in my Rainbow Party bags were:  a pack of rainbow-coloured beads to thread, some rainbow and unicorn stickers, a butterfly glider, a rainbow-spotted windmill and a custom-made hair-tie.  I also found some brilliant rainbow-striped bags.

Rainbow is such a great birthday theme for girls (or boys) of all ages.  Or how about a pretty Rainbow Baby Shower?  What do you think?  Have you got an idea in the making? Let’s get together and create a brilliant celebration! 🌈

Daisy Rocket – Let me introduce you.

I grew up in a big family.  My brothers and sisters and I had a pretty awesome childhood and some of my strongest memories are of celebrations – Christmas, New Year, Easter, but most of all, each of our birthdays.

Our Mummy was (and still is) an amazing baker.  For each and every one of our birthdays up until we were 18 she would bake a fabulous cake. We added up how many cakes that was once.  It was a lot!  But the point is that each of those cakes and each of those birthday celebrations was unique and special, and made the birthday boy or girl feel unique and special, too. And, most importantly, deeply loved.

And then I grew up.  And I moved half way around the world and got married.  We have a big family, too.  And birthdays are big for us. Our parties are an opportunity to invite friends and family to celebrate the birthday child, to put them on a pedestal for one day and to say to them: I did all this for you because I love you. This is your special day.

Now, I’m a Stay-at-Home Mummy and I spend a LOT of time planning and researching for our parties.  And I love it!  But I know not everyone has that kind of time and, let’s face it, spending Saturday nights scrolling through party supplies is not everyone’s idea of fun.

And that is how Daisy Rocket came to be.  I can plan YOUR parties, too.  You choose the theme, and I do everything else – sourcing supplies, collating party bags, making decorations, planning the games and the food…whatever you need to make your child’s birthday one to remember.

On the blog I’ll show you the parties I’ve done and what I’m working on now, and share bits and bobs that inspire me.  I hope it’ll inspire you, too.  I can’t wait to plan your family’s next birthday celebration!